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About Us

Smiley Media is an Austin-based internet advertising network that works with high-traffic, general-consumer websites to significantly increase the profitability of their ad space. We utilize targeting technology to help clients maximize revenue to ensure each user experiences customized ads that are relevant and appealing to their individualized demographic. By matching demographic data with advertising content, we outperform traditional online advertising models.

We have enjoyed tremendous growth in the past few years. The company was 168th on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list in 2009, which was 6th in Austin.

Our company has office space in downtown Austin, custom-designed for our culture of dynamic and innovative employees. We reached out to our employees when planning the open-space design, and the results are unconventional and organic.

Former Stanford University student Stephen Oskoui founded our company in 2001. The company was truly boot-strapped, and Oskoui was the only employee for the first three years. He moved the company to Austin in 2006, drawn by the abundant talent pool, the low cost of operating a business, and the lifestyle. Oskoui has grown the company by reinvesting profits into the business, setting the foundation for long-term growth and sustainability.

Oskoui is considered an innovator in the internet advertising industry. He emphasizes our role as a strategic partner with our clients, focusing on integrating the newest technologies into ad targeting systems in order to make online ads more effective.